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The Zig Zag Hoe range from Crazy Horse Tools

Welcome to Crazy Horse Tools. Making a hard job easier!

Crazy Horse Tools is a garden tool company based in the North West of England UK, that prides itself on its unique garden hoes. 

Crazy Horse Tools is a new company that launched at the Holker Garden Festival on the 29th May 2015 where, after a year of hard work and prototyping, we introduced our unique design to the market. We received excellent feedback and encouragement from customers and passers by.

The feature of the Zig Zag Hoe is its double-edged blade, which works with a push and pull motion. 

The Zig-Zag Hoe is made from high grade stainless steel, sourced in Blackburn, and ash wood, lathed in Penrith by skilled wood workers. The quality of materials used means durability, high efficiency and a long lasting product. The Zig-Zag Hoe moves easily through the soil with minimal resistance.

Click any of the thumbnails below to see a selection of larger images of our Zig Zag Hoes. 

Large_Zig-Zag-Hoe-head_Small_Zig-Zag-Hoe_handle.jpg Large_Zig-Zag-Hoe_00.jpg Large_Zig-Zag-Hoe_01.jpg Large_and_Medium_Zig-Zag-Hoe_00.jpg Large_and_Medium_Zig-Zag-Hoe_01.jpg Medium_Zig-Zag-Hoe_00.jpg Medium_Zig-Zag-Hoe_01.jpg Small_Zig-Zag-Hoe_00.jpg Small_Zig-Zag-Hoe_01.jpg Small_Zig-Zag-Hoe_02.jpg The Zig-Zag-Hoe_range_00.jpg The Zig-Zag-Hoe_range_01.jpg The Zig-Zag-Hoe_range_02.jpg crazyhorsetools-zig-zag-hoe-closeup.png crazyhorsetools-zig-zag-hoe-closeup2.png crazyhorsetools-zig-zag-hoe-fullview.png crazyhorsetools-zig-zag-hoe-long-handle.png crazyhorsetools-zig-zag-hoe-longhandlehow.png crazyhorsetools-zig-zag-hoe-sideview.png crazyhorsetools-zig-zag-hoe-sideview2.png crazyhorsetools-zig-zag-hoe-soiling.png crazyhorsetools-zig-zag-hoe-top.png crazyhorsetools-zig-zag-hoes-bothsizes.png crazyhorsetools-zig-zag-hoes.png